Community Safety


Anti-social behaviour, if left unchecked, can have a devastating effect on local communities and create an atmosphere of fear for those who live and work in them.

Camden Council tackles street based antisocial behaviour, such as begging, street drinking, public drug use and street based sex working, through law enforcement and the rehabilitation of offenders, incorporating restorative justice approaches whenever possible.


RTS Outreach workers attend daily hotpot patrols alongside the Police and Camden’s Community Safety officers (CPOs). These patrols target the areas most affected by rough sleeping and associated anti-social behaviour. RTS workers offer support to help people move off the streets into accommodation and away from a street based lifestyle. If an individual refuses support, and they are involved in anti-social behaviour which is having a negative impact on the community, the police and council will pursue enforcement options. RTS will continue to offer support alongside any enforcement action taken.


Support packages offered may include interventions to address the causes of people’s behaviour, for example drug and alcohol treatment, debt counselling and/or referral into mental health services. Individuals will be invited to our building based hub, where a variety of health and social care interventions and services are offered, both by RTS workers, and a large variety of partners from the voluntary and statutory sectors. We also partner up with other specialist outreach services to provide services directly to people on the street.


Our Streetsafe worker regularly attends community forums such as; Community Conversations organised by Camden Council, Residents and Tenants Association meetings, Safer Neighbourhood Panel meetings, Neighbourhood Watch meetings and many one off meetings and home or business visits arranged between our service and members of the local community. If you want to arrange a meeting, or a personal visit, to discuss rough sleeping or street based anti-social behaviour please contact our Streetsafe worker on 0207 846 3535 or email them at